Scalable Configurations

  1. OSI-250 - 227 kg/day
  2. OSI-500 - 454 kg/day
  3. OSI-1000 - 908 kg/day
  4. OSI-2500 - 2273 kg/day
  5. OSI-3000 - 2724 kg/day
  6. OSI-5000 - 4545 kg/day












OSI Oxygen Solutions

About Oxygen Solutions Inc.

OS I - Oxygen Solutions Inc. is a Canadian technology company established in 2003. Since then OSI Oxygen has been engaged in development, commercial manufacturing and world-wide distribution of oxygen generators.

To date - OSI Oxygen has concentrated its efforts to providing "Oxygen Solutions" to the aquaculture industry and has begun to expand its marketing efforts to water treatment and wastewater applications, as well as other industries which require oxygen and diffusion systems.



Aquaculture - Fish Farms
Increase production and profitability.
...more >>

Water Treatment

Water Treatment
On-site generation of oxygen for ozone production use ozone
for effective water purification. ...more>>

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment
Concentrated oxygen speeds up biological breakdown and controls odour. ...more>>


Increase dissolved oxygen in fish tanks and bio filters


Increase the dissolved oxygen in the leaching process and in the wastewater stream