Scalable Configurations

OSI Oxygen Generator   OSI Oxygen Generator Back

  1. OSI-250 - 227 kg/day
  2. OSI-500 - 454 kg/day
  3. OSI-1000 - 908 kg/day
  4. OSI-2500 - 2273 kg/day
  5. OSI-3000 - 2724 kg/day
  6. OSI-5000 - 4545 kg/day
OSI Oxygen Solutions

Remote Update Capabilities Available


On-Board Diagnostics and Monitoring

All units are fitted with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for the main blower motor.

This feature gives the highest possible efficiency and also gives a linear power demand on “Turn Down”.

When using 50% of the capacity of the machine, only 50% of the energy is required.

All maintenance information is displayed on the monitor screen as required for oil changes, filter and seal replacements.

All alarms and faults will appear on the screen. These alarms and faults can be remote monitored if an internet or cell connection is available. Alarms are sent by e-mail and/or cell text message to designated recipients.

The touch screen will display all operating conditions such as pressures and amperage draw for easy monitoring of the VSA.