Grow Happy Fish

Can a fish be happy?

Why is it important?

Here is what we learned.

Happy Fish and Why it Matters To Your Farm


As we have immersed ourselves in the aquaculture world to learn more about what matters to fish farmers, hatchery operators, and aquaculture engineers, a thought-provoking idea we have come across is the term happy fish.

Articles from distinguished publications such as the New York Times and National Geographic speak to the behavioral cues that indicate whether a fish is happy or not. Within these texts, academics and aquaculturalists agree that like humans, fish can be happy and that happy fish exhibit certain qualities and display behaviours that give indication to their level of happiness. 

Happy Fish Look Healthy

Happy fish look good, displaying physical characteristics such as bright scales and skin.

Happy Fish are Active

One of the most obvious characteristics of a happy fish is their energy – a happy fish will swim vigorously and have good vitality.

Happy Fish Have a Clean Habitat

Living in a dirty home can be stressful - the same is for fish. It is important to maintain the highest quality tank or environment as possible.

Happy Fish are Well Fed

Happy fish eat well and surface quickly to the introduction of food. 

These behaviours indicate that a happy fish is not under any kind of stress. Indications of stress include poor swimming, such as lower activity or frantic motions, low or loss of appetite, poor scales and colour, and gasping for air at the surface if oxygen levels are not maintained properly.

There are three key reasons why it is important to cultivate happy fish:

  1. Animal Husbandry – it is extremely important to aquaculturalists that they take care of their stock from tank to table. Happy fish will mature to full size quicker, meaning a faster return on investment.
  2. Market Value – happy fish fetch a higher market value because their physical makeup is of higher quality.
  3. Quality Taste – Happy fish taste best when it matters most. Consumers notice a difference in quality with happy grown fish. Healthy and happy fish produce a noticeable clean fresh, and delicious flavour and taste that will keep consumers coming back.

As such, it is important to keep a fish happy and reap the benefits of high market value. In order to do so, maintain the highest quality tank, pen, and water. Provide the best quality feed as possible.

And finally, it is essential to have optimal oxygen conditions to allow the growing fish their general health and well-being. Oxygen is necessary for raising fish in a clean, efficient system. A dependable oxygen supply allows for the best possible fish health and minimizes stressful conditions. It also allows for feed maximization. Maximize your market value. Cultivate the best tasting product. Grow Happy Fish.

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