OSI Oxygen Concentrators

Saving you money every day of operation

OSI oxygen concentrators feature vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) for the lowest power consumption possible. The 75% turn down ratio modulation turns down production automatically as the load decreases, saving on energy and maintenance costs. Multiple units with load control will turn units offline and modulate to achieve the best efficiency. OSI’s oxygen concentrators can be configured to suit your present application and can easily be scaled up with additional units when demand requires more output.

Low Maintenance Costs

Remote Diagnostics & Communications

Compact—Easy to Move and Install

Totally Self-Contained


  • Aquaculture—Fish Farms
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Aquaponics
  • Mining


Single-Bed Concentrators Brochure

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view brochure

Single-Bed Concentrators

OSI 125 — 113 kg/day
OSI 250 — 227 kg/day
OSI 500 — 454 kg/day
OSI 1000 — 908 kg/day

Dual-Bed Concentrators

OSI 2000 — 1818 kg/day
OSI 3000 — 2724 kg/day
OSI 5000 — 4540 kg/day
OSI 7000 — 6363 kg/day

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