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Oxygen Solutions’ oxygen concentrators feature vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) for maximum energy efficiency and productivity based on cost per kilogram of O2. VSA is the process used to separate oxygen from nitrogen and adsorb the nitrogen onto the surface of a molecular sieve.     

Higher efficiency means a smaller compressor and blower, and lower power consumption. Higher productivity leads to smaller sieve beds. Maintenance costs are further lowered because, under normal conditions, the adsorbent does not need to be maintained or replaced.

OSI offers the following range of configurations to meet the demands of your business application. Further customizations are available upon consultation with OSI.


OSI 125/250/500/1000

OSI oxygen concentrators offer the lowest power consumption possible for a vacuum swing adsorption system (VSA). Their compact design allows them to be moved and installed with minimal handling. Totally self-contained, OSI oxygen concentrators can be online in a minimal amount of time. OSI oxygen concentrators require very little maintenance. They feature remote diagnostics and communications and automatic turn-down to suit demand and save energy.


  • OSI-125 1/8 ton per day (60 LPM) 113 kg/day
  • OSI-250 1/4 ton per day (120 LPM) 227 kg/day
  • OSI-500 1/2 ton per day (240 LPM) 454 kg/day
  • OSI-1000 1 ton per day (475 LPM) 908 kg/day


OSI 2000/3000/5000/7000

OSI’s dual-bed, stand-alone, plug-and-play oxygen concentrators are designed to make installation easy and fast. The only machine connections required are power, oxygen and a data/Internet line to the connections on the skid. The oxygen concentrator is housed in a 40′ ISO ocean container and is easy to transport from site to site if needed.


  • OSI-2000 2 tons per day (950 LPM) 1818 kg/day
  • OSI-3000 3 tons per day (1425 LPM) 2724 kg/day
  • OSI-5000 5 tons per day (2375 LPM) 4540 kg/day
  • OSI-7000 7 tons per day (3500 LPM) 6363 kg/day


Ozone has many commercial applications due to its effectiveness at removing contaminants and killing bacteria. 

Ozone is beneficial for water treatment and purification, bleaching of paper, air purification, organic synthesis, surface treatment, food processing and preservation, and aquaculture and fish farming. 

Our ozone generators are self-contained in a stainless steel, insulated cabinet. The compact, design, means they are compact and take up very little space when installed. The unit is skid-mounted for convenience and ease of installation. They have a variable frequency power supply to meet any installation requirements around the world. The units are configurable to work with other automatic control instrument valves. 

In aquaculture applications, ozone generators work well in tandem with oxygen generators. Ozone can help maintain water quality while oxygen generation can ensure a steady flow of high purity oxygen. Both are necessary for optimal environments to maximize fish growth. Our customers appreciate the ease of installation of these complementary systems.  

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