Reliable, high quality oxygen during the production process improves the quality and quantity of the product.

Any agriculturalist understands the importance of oxygen in the photosynthesis stage of growing of crops. However, oxygen also plays an important role in maintaining root health. With a crop that requires a lot of maintenance and consistency in its growing environment, having a reliable oxygen concentrator alleviates one of the many concerns cannabis agriculturalists may face.

  • Improve root health in both aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.
  • Reduce fungus and bacterial growth.
  • Have ease of mind and save on costs by having a reliable and consistent flow of oxygen where ever it is needed.

These recommendations are based on current Canadian laws for agriculture and cannabis production. Please follow all laws and legal restrictions in your area.


Not using soil doesn't necessarily result in a lack of nutrient quality.

Like keeping the roots moist, it's important to make sure that the quality of the oxygen you feed these plants is the best quality. Also, it's important to make sure any equipment you're using doesn't fail - dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, and toxicity all can be avoided with reliable equipment. Maintaining a reliable oxygen supply is one back-of-mind element in an otherwise high-maintenance process.

Benefits of Oxygen in Aeroponic Systems

  • Decrease overall oxygen costs by generating and concentrating on-site.
  • Never have to worry about replacing oxygen supplies again.
  • Provide the best quality oxygen to your products.


Oxygen concentrators that are reliable and low maintenance help produce high quality results.

Having oxygen fed into the water is essential - having the maximum amount of oxygen in your water is one of the keys to success and failure. Having a reliable on-site oxygen concentrator guarantees that you'll get the right amount of consistent oxygen to feed to your plants. Losing product would be catastrophic, so eliminate one cause of worry

Benefits of Oxygen in Hydroponic Systems

  • Never worry about replacing or supplementation oxygen into water.
  • Feed the highest quality, pure oxygen into your water and plants.
  • Increase quality and size of product yields.

Why Oxygen Solutions?

Oxygen Solutions understands the right solution for your business will be found on an individual basis. Our team of professionals have the experience, training, and knowledge to meet the specific needs and operational requirements of your business.

OSI believes that oxygen concentrators are a perfect solution for cannabis growing operations, assuring that the highest quality product. OSI's oxygen concentrators help remove any concerns regarding the replacement of alternative oxygen supplies and having the best quality oxygen on-site.

Low-Cost and Highly Efficient Oxygen Concentrators

OSI's oxygen concentrators are configurable and easily scalable to fit your present and growing needs.

  • OSI's units leverage vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) technology to keep power consumption as low as possible.
  • A 75% turn-down ratio modulation turns down production automatically as load decreases, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Each unit is self-contained, compact and easy to move and install.
  • Achieve the lowest maintenance costs with OSI's VSA technology.
  • Save manpower with remote diagnostics and communications capabilities.

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