Dissolved oxygen is a critical component of the mining process.

In order to guarantee the safety of miners, sufficient oxygen must be fed into the mines.

When it comes to oxygen supplementation, injecting oxygen is often more economical than other process options. Given the various gases that can be produced from the mining process, OSI's oxygen concentrators are a perfect solution for mining and mineral processing.

  • Injected oxygen can be more economical and can provide overall efficiency.
  • Increase levels of dissolved oxygen in the leaching process.
  • Reduce use of cyanide in the leaching process and in wastewater discharge.
  • Increase gold and silver recovery within your mining operation.
  • On-site oxygen is less costly and more convenient than liquid oxygen purchases.
  • Increase overall safety of operations with continuous on-site oxygen generation.

Mining Safety Operations

Save money while ensuring the safety of miners in your operations.

The air is not as oxygen rich underground or in a low or high altitude mine as it is on the surface. Many different forms of gas will leach out from rocks or produced as a bi-product of the operation, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrogen sulphide. By having an on-site oxygen generation system, works will be able to excavate more safely and more efficiently.

Benefits of Oxygen in Mining Safety Operations

  • Increase safety of work environments.
  • Improve efficiency of workers in mineral mining operations.

Gold and Mineral Mining Operations

Reduce operational costs and increase production recovery.

By having on-site oxygen production, the overall gold and mineral recovery yield can be increased compared to standard separation methods. When using a gold cyanidation or leaching process, increased oxygen levels increase the product recovery yield rate. This happens because oxygen can convert the mineral sulfites into sulfates, which can be neutralized with lime, and then leached. While oxygen is essential to the leaching process, having onsite oxygen generation speeds up this operation.

Benefits of Oxygen in Gold and Mineral Mining Operations

  • Increase gold and mineral recovery yield rate.
  • Decrease overall operational expenses with increase of profit.
  • Additional minerals found or processed will see an increased recovery yield.  
  • Less overall wastewater treatment costs with use of ozone generators.

Why Oxygen Solutions?

Oxygen Solutions understands the right solution for your business will be found on an individual basis. Our team of professionals have the experience, training, and knowledge to meet the specific need and operational requirements of your business.

OSI also understands that oxygen concentrators are a perfect solution for mining and mineral processing operations. Mining operations can be scaled up with additional OSI units. OSI is committed to providing uninterrupted on-site oxygen generation, ensuring your mines run with optimal breathing conditions.

Low-Cost and Highly Efficient Oxygen Concentrators

OSI's oxygen concentrators are configurable and easily scalable to fit your present and growing needs.

  • OSI's units leverage vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) technology to keep power consumption as low as possible.
  • A 75% turn-down ratio modulation turns down production automatically as load decreases, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Each unit is self-contained, compact and easy to move and install.
  • Achieve the lowest maintenance costs with OSI's VSA technology.
  • Save manpower with remote diagnostics and communications capabilities.

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