Demand for fish as a source of protein will grow continuously

with the world's population.

Whether the demand is met in open-sea NetPens or on land with Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology, OSI's oxygen concentrators are a perfect fit for all aquaculture operations. OSI understands oxygen supplementation is required to attain high-density stocking and achieve maximum profitability.

  • Oxygen injections increase the growth rate and size of yields.
  • Steady supplies decrease fish stress and disease.
  • Increase profitability of aquaculture farms.
  • Aid in managing external and environmental factors by making more predictable waters.
  • Limit algae blooms, nutrient discharge, and improve water quality.

Grow Happy Fish

NetPen Solutions

Avoid contamination and establish consistent water aeration within a reliable time frame.

Aquaculture is a valuable contributor to the world's future supply of food. however, environmental issues including impacts on water quality nutrient discharge, scarcer freshwater systems, and algae blooms can affect fish yields and quality. NetPen farming systems become more efficient with steady and continuous oxygen supplementation, which can aid in managing undesirable environmental factors and creating more predictable water conditions.

Benefits of Oxygen in NetPen Systems

  • Oxygen Generation contributes to increased fish yields.
  • Inconsistent oxygenation can increase environmental disasters such as increased chances of algae blooms and disease.
  • Oxygenation increases fish concentration, improves feeding habits, and sees growth and development.

RAS Solutions

Attain maximum yields and profitability with continuous oxygen generation.

It is critical for every aquaculture business to create optimal conditions for rearing the best product. Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) allow for the maximum control over the raising of fish stocks.

Benefits of Oxygen in RAS Systems

  • Reduces feed consumption and therefore saving on food costs.
  • Increase concentration of fish density, therefore increasing profits.
  • Creates and maintains optimal and healthy rearing conditions.   
  • Increases water quality and reduces consumption costs.

Why Oxygen Solutions?

Oxygen Solutions understands the right solution for your business will be found on an individual basis. Our team of professionals have the experience, training, and knowledge to meet the specific need and operational requirements of your business.

OSI also understands that oxygen supplementation is required to attain high-density stocking and achieve maximum profitability. OSI is committed to providing uninterrupted on-site oxygen generation, ensuring your fish are in optimal conditions for hatching, breeding, and living.

Low-Cost and Highly Efficient Oxygen Concentrators

OSI's oxygen concentrators are configurable and easily scalable to fit your present and growing needs.

  • OSI's units leverage vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) technology to keep power consumption as low as possible.
  • A 75% turn-down ratio modulation turns down production automatically as load decreases, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Each unit is self-contained, compact and easy to move and install.
  • Achieve the lowest maintenance costs with OSI's VSA technology.
  • Save manpower with remote diagnostics and communications capabilities.

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