Maintain a secure and constant source of pure oxygen,

produced at the hospital or care site, available when needed.

The global demand for oxygen concentrators in the medical field is growing rapidly with the recent global pandemic and is expected to keep growing. Oxygen concentrators are a highly reliable and economical solution for medical applications. OSI's on-site oxygen concentrators are safe, affordable, adaptable, and easy to maintain.

  • Concentrators are safer and more convenient than tanks or cylinders.
  • Eliminate the expense and varied costs associated with purchasing oxygen.
  • Reduce errors and overall labour associated with tank systems by using remote monitoring.
  • Have ease of mind by having a reliable and consistent flow of oxygen where ever it is needed.

Hospitals and Medical Centres

Have a reliable source of regenerating oxygen whenever you need it is imperative.

More than ever before has it become important to have a reliable on-site oxygen generation system. Not only does it help decrease overall hospital and medical centre operation costs, on-site oxygen generators can replenish oxygen supply lines or back-up cylinders. Never worry about diminished oxygen supplies ever again! No matter what the case may be, rest assured that every patient can receive the oxygen they need.

Benefits of Oxygen in Hospitals and Medical Centres

  • Decrease overall hospital or medical centre operation costs.
  • Replenish any amount of oxygen at any time with upgradable units.
  • Have all the oxygen needed on hand to satisfy any patient need.

Field Hospitals and Military Operations

Reliable and high quality on-site oxygen, no matter where or when.

Having oxygen is essential and the supply should not be limited based on location. Our oxygen concentrators are portable and modular, and can be quickly installed to support any location. In the current global pandemic, having an adaptable and buildable supply of oxygen is important, which is why our concentrators can be upgraded to your growing oxygen requirements. The units are reliable and will provide a self-generating supply of oxygen. Never worry about running out of oxygen when you need it most.

Benefits of Oxygen in Field Hospitals and Military Operations

  • Replace the need to supplement oxygen at varied market rates.
  • Oxygen is self replenishing and will be on hand when needed.
  • Have access to high quality oxygen regardless of location.
  • Units are portable and buildable to adapt to growing needs.


Reliable oxygen is essential to every family member's health.

Having an on-site oxygen generator has a multitude of benefits for veterinary clinics. Installing an on-site oxygen generator will assure that oxygen supplies will be constantly replenished. Have oxygen whenever and wherever it is needed within the clinic- from operating to check-up rooms. Oxygen generators will save on operation costs and remove the need for expensive supplemented oxygen.

Benefits of Oxygen in Veterinary Practices

  • Have a constant and continuous supply of oxygen at the clinic.
  • Save on business operating costs.
  • Remove the need for purchasing expensive supplemented oxygen.

Why Oxygen Solutions?

Oxygen Solutions understands the right solution for your business will be found on an individual basis. Our team of professionals have the experience, training, and knowledge to meet the specific need and operational requirements of your business.

OSI also understands that oxygen concentrators are a perfect solution for any medical operation. As global health issues are becoming a concern, operations can be scaled up with additional OSI units. OSI is committed to providing uninterrupted on-site oxygen generation, ensuring your clinics and operations will always have the highest quality oxygen.

Low-Cost and Highly Efficient Oxygen Concentrators

OSI's oxygen concentrators are configurable and easily scalable to fit your present and growing needs.

  • OSI's units leverage vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) technology to keep power consumption as low as possible.
  • A 75% turn-down ratio modulation turns down production automatically as load decreases, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Each unit is self-contained, compact and easy to move and install.
  • Achieve the lowest maintenance costs with OSI's VSA technology.
  • Save manpower with remote diagnostics and communications capabilities.

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