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The Perfect Accompaniment to an Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Solutions is proud to offer Qingdao Aikcan Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.'s Ozone Generators. They specialize in ozone generation - the designing, the manufacturing, the application design, installation, and generator maintenance.

Ozone, otherwise known as the green chemical, is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is heavier than air and oxygen, and it is slightly water soluble. It is a strong oxidant, making it great for sterilization, decolonization, oxidation, and deodorization applications. Further, it doesn't create any residue or secondary pollution, as its pollutant is oxygen.

Because ozone is an unstable gas, it will want to convert back to oxygen at room or higher temperatures. Therefore, having an on-site ozone generator will prevent product loss, as well as save money on long term operations.

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Ozone helps sterilize and clean water by destroying bacteria, viruses, and act as a a deodorant by breaking down common odorant chemicals.

Water Treatment

Sterilizing, decolouring, deodorizing, and oxidizing water can be accomplished easier with the use of an ozone generator in water treatment operations.

Pulp and Paper

Produce the best quality product by oxidizing unwanted organic compounds and unwanted chemicals, making them easier to remove.

Wastewater Treatment

Ozone generation will help oxidize tough chemicals like cyanide and nitric acid, as well as treat organic matter like viruses, proteins, and funguses.

OSI Ozone Generator

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