Single Bed Concentrators

Lowest power consumption for vacuum swing adsorption

OSI oxygen concentrators offer the lowest possible power consumption for a vacuum swing adsorption system. The single bed systems feature a compact and self-contained design which allows them to be moved and installed with minimal handling. All single bed units require little maintenance, feature remote diagnostics and communications, can be online within a minimal amount of time, and automatically turn-down to suit demand and save on energy.

All single bed units are fitted with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a variable frequency drive (VFD) for the main blower motor. These features allow for the highest possible efficiency and give a linear power demand on turn down. This means that the machine will match its energy requirements to the consumption requirements. Using 50% of the machine's capacity only requires 50% energy.

Everything you need to access in the unit - operating conditions, oil changes, filter and seal replacements, alarms, and faults - is housed and displayed on a single HMI touch screen. Access all this information in the unit or remotely by connecting to another internet device, or receive notifications via email or text message when service is required.

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Take a close up look at one of our OSI-1000 units - the largest single bed concentrator we manufacture.




Oxygen supplementation can improve the health of the livestock, and improve profitability for the farmer and the operation.


Water Treatment

Improve the purity of the oxygen in water after treatment processes as well as removing unwanted contaminants by having an on-site oxygen concentrator.


Wastewater Treatment

On-demand oxygen will speed up the biological breakdown of any unwanted material and improve odours during and after the treatment process.

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  • 1 ton per day
  • 475 LPM
  • 970 kg/day
  • 500 SLPM

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