The Complete Solution for Oxygen Storage and Production

Our Answer To Market Obstacles

LOX Availability

Bypass availability-related limitations due to quotas or rationing.

Delivery disruptions

Setbacks to deliveries happen - be it natural disasters or political unrest, OxyMax reduces dependency on external factors by providing a consistent and stable oxygen supply.


Sites located far from traditional LOX sources now have a reliable, localized solution.


OxyMax offers liberation from dependency on LOX supplier's pricing and contract terms, promoting competitive costs and favorable agreements.

Breathing New Life Into Industries Worldwide

Continuous Uninterrupted Supply of Oxygen
Redundant Liquid Backup Storage
Scalable, Modular, and Easy Installation
Energy-Efficient and Sustainable

Our Latest Innovative Solution

When Two Powerhouses Come Together

OxyMax merges Benchmark’s OSI 1000 oxygen generation prowess with Fabrum’s PTC 1000 cryogenic cooling efficiency to form a unified state-of-the-art oxygen storage and production system.

A Peak Under The Hood

The OSI 1000 is a marvel of engineering, producing, and storing ultra-pure oxygen gas (92-95% purity) until it reaches its capacity. Once full, it seamlessly transitions the gas to the Cryocooler PTC 1000. Here, Fabrum's proprietary technology works its magic, cooling the oxygen to ultra-low temperatures (-183°C), transforming it into liquid form for compact, efficient storage.

The All-In-One Solution

What sets OxyMax apart is its systematic, self-regulating process. The two systems, Benchmark's OSI 1000 and Fabrum's PTC 1000, operate harmoniously providing an uninterrupted oxygen supply. This synergy ensures that industries reliant on oxygen can maintain productivity without the constraints of traditional supply methods.

Peace Of Mind

With OxyMax, you're not just purchasing equipment; you're investing in a reliable, continuous oxygen supply that promises purity and performance. It's an all-in-one solution — modular, efficient, scalable, and designed for industries demanding the highest standards. OxyMax isn't just a product; it's peace of mind, knowing that your oxygen supply is secure and sustainable.

The Benefits Are Clear

Effortless Setup Process

OxyMax’s design supports easy and quick installation, promoting rapid operational readiness.

Streamlined Maintenance Approach

OxyMax aligns its maintenance schedules for its oxygen system and cryogenic cooler effectively, reducing downtime and enhancing operational continuity.

Adaptable Production Capacity

OxyMax’s system is designed to be modular, easily adjusting to changes in production demands.

Key Features

Designed for Energy Savings

OxyMax design prioritizes low energy usage, contributing to both environmental sustainability and reduced costs.

High-Quality Oxygen Production (92-95%)

OxyMax guarantees the production of top-quality oxygen, complying with rigorous industry benchmarks.

Cutting-Edge Remote Management

OxyMax employs advanced technology for real-time system monitoring and diagnostics, ensuring efficient maintenance and optimal performance.

A collaboration that's a testament to our continuous commitment to providing innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Embrace Reliability & Innovation. Embrace OxyMax.

Discover how OxyMax can transform your oxygen supply needs. For more information on OxyMax and our innovative partnership between Benchmark International and Fabrum, please fill out the contact form.

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