We Provide a Reliable Supply of High Purity Oxygen

Discover how we can streamline your operation and be your oxygen solution.


Wastewater Treatment

Continuous supply to eliminate nitrogen and phosphorus, and control dissolved oxygen levels.


Water Treatment

Pure oxygen aerationsaves energy, lowers emissions and eliminates odors.


Other Applications

And many other applications including, but not limited to, aquaculture, medical, and mining.

Why should you consider our solutions?

  1. If the facility is experiencing problems, or doesn’t have sufficient airflow at a secondary or biological treatment facility.
  2. If the treatment plant operator is trying to get more out of an existing system, or has limitations, power concerns and space issues.
  3. If a plant is looking to avoid issues with older equipment such as breakage, motor failure and clogging.
  4. With summer or heat-related issues that are not present in cooler months or climates. Peak conditions (seasonal changes in flow/loading, etc.).

How do our products improve your Wastewater operation?

There are many potential benefits when utilizing OSI products to product pure oxygen to enhance the air systems in secondary treatment:

  • Reduction in odors
  • Improved sludge settling
  • Increased loading (BOD/oxygen demand)
  • Reduced VOCs (volatile chemicals)
  • Potential to improve ammonia treatment Increased flexibility in system operation (blower turndown, etc.)
  • Ability to meet peak demands/high production
  • Help meet permit limits (e.g., NPDES)
  • Aid in emergency cases (i.e., aerator failure)
  • Maintain system health (sufficient dissolved oxygen in pipelines, final dissolved oxygen)
  • Permit limits can be met without substantial upgrades to the entire plant
  • This can be the most cost-effective process to attain goals - meeting permit limits, allowing higher production, lowering costs, and avoiding capital expenditure - year after year.

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