Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) - Oxygen Generators

  1. Lowest power consumption possible

  2. Compact - Easy to move and install

  3. Totally self contained

  4. Low maintenance costs

  5. Remote diagnostics & communications

  6. Auto turn-down saves energy


Scalable Configurations

  1. OSI-250 - 227 kg/day
  2. OSI-500 - 454 kg/day
  3. OSI-1000 - 908 kg/day
  4. OSI-2500 - 2273 kg/day
  5. OSI-3000 - 2724 kg/day
  6. OSI-5000 - 4545 kg/day




OSI Oxygen Solutions



Aquaculture - Fish Farms
Increase dissolved oxygen concentration for better production and profitability. ...more >>

Water Treatment

Water Treatment
On-site generation of ozone for effective water purification. ...more >>

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment
Concentrated oxygen speeds up breakdown and controls odour. ...more >>


OSI - Oxygen Generators: Saving you money every day of operation!

OSI Oxygen Generator75% Turn Down Ratio Modulation

Will turn down production automatically as the load decreases - Saves on energy and maintenance costs!

Multiple Units with Load Control

Will turn units off-line and modulate to achieve the best efficiency - Reduces energy consumption and operating costs!

OSI - Oxygen Solutions Inc. VSA Oxygen Generators can be configured to suit your present application and can easily be scaled up with additional units when demand requires more output.