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Attain maximum yields and profitability with continuous oxygen generation.

Aquaculture is a valuable contributor to the world’s future supply of food. It is critical for every aquaculture business to create optimal conditions for rearing the best product. Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) allow for the maximum control over the raising of fish stocks.

Along with food and water quality, one of the most important factors in achieving this goal is incorporating a reliable, low maintenance, self-monitoring, on-site oxygen generation system.

Benefits of Oxygen in RAS System

  • Reduces feed consumption and therefore saving on food costs.
  • Increase concentration of fish-density, increasing profits.  
  • Creates and maintains optimal and healthy rearing conditions.
  • Increases water quality and reduces consumption costs.

Why Oxygen Solutions?

Oxygen Solutions understands the right solution for your business will be found on an individual basis. OSI also understands that oxygen supplementation is required to attain high-density stocking and achieve maximum profitability. OSI is committed to providing uninterrupted on-site oxygen generation, ensuring your fish are in optimal condition.

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