Oxygen Solutions and Well Resources Announce Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Development

March 8, 2021 | By Chris Miller | In Insights

Edmonton, AB, March 8, 2021 – Edmonton-based Oxygen Solutions Inc. (“Oxygen Solutions”), a provider of safe and reliable oxygen concentrators to service the aquaculture, water treatment, and medical industries, and Calgary-based Well Resources Inc. (“Well Resources”), a provider of efficient and cost-effective decarbonization solutions for the petroleum sector, have announced a strategic alliance for sustainable development aimed at harmonizing the water, energy, and food sectors.

Leveraging the expertise from both companies, this first-of-kind alliance in Canada will support the identification and development of scalable opportunities to use by-products of decarbonized oil to enhance and supplement the performance of processes that improve environmental and human health, as well as food production.

Referred to as the water, energy, and food security nexus, these three sectors have been identified by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as being deeply interconnected and necessary for the long-term benefit of human well-being, poverty reduction, and sustainability. 

Steve McDougall, President of Oxygen Solutions, said, “our singular goal is to develop products that positively impact the world’s most precious resources. For us, that focus is currently on water, energy, and food applications. We believe that water quality, energy production, and food supply, and security will only increase in importance on a global scale. We are delighted to partner with a like-minded company like Well Resources to further technology development to positively impact these resources.”

“Our alliance with Oxygen Solutions is an important step for the sustainability movement,” said Warren Chung, President of Well Resources. “While addressing climate change is a top priority in the 21st century, we also need to plan for the future and develop solutions for tackling looming clean water and food scarcity issues. Petroleum will have a place in the economy of tomorrow, but perhaps not in the same way we use it today. We’re committed to developing new ways to use petroleum to add value to other industries.”

About Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen Solutions is an Alberta-based technology developer and manufacturer headquartered in Edmonton. Oxygen Solutions manufactures oxygen concentrators to benefit the aquaculture, water treatment, mining and medical industries.

About Well Resources

Well Resources is an Alberta-based technology company with local offices in Calgary and Edmonton. With focus areas in the energy and life sciences sectors, Well Resources develops and licenses green technologies that promote effective resource utilization.

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