Revolutionizing Cyanide Detoxification

October 27, 2023 | By David Johnson | In Insights

Innovations in SO2/Air Process for Cost and Carbon Footprint Reduction

Renowned mining industry expert, Randy Agius, will join Oxygen Solutions at the upcoming International Mining and Resource Conference (IMARC) to discuss recent developments in the SO2/Air cyanide destruction process. The goals of cost savings and reduced carbon footprint are directly related to the use of oxygen generators in the INCO process design.

This year's conference will be held October 31–November 2 at the ICC Sydney, Australia.
Join Oxygen Solutions and Mr. Agius at Booth A30.

To learn more about mitigating growing costs in cyanide destruction and maintaining quality effluent to ensure environmental protections, please download and read The Future of SO2/Air Cyanide Destruction Process.

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