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March 9, 2022 | By Caitlin Kamminga | In Insights

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology Oxygen Concentration and its Benefits

Reliable oxygens supply is essential in many industries and applications, and Oxygen Solution's vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) concentrators perform well in a wide variety of circumstances and environments. Here are the top five reasons why to consider a VPSA oxygen concentrator from Oxygen Solutions to fit your requirements:

  1. Reliability

Frank runs a successful remote recirculating aquaculture system fish farm. He knows that oxygen is an essential part of raising good quality fish but has concerns about how expensive it is. Frank has been supplementing oxygen to his fish via liquid oxygen (LOX), which has been difficult to procure due to his location and the expense. Frank's concerns about the health of his fish weigh heavy on his mind since he does not want to lose fish due to poor health and low oxygen supplies.

When Frank bought an oxygen concentrator from Oxygen Solutions, he removed his concerns about re-buying LOX. Some other benefits Frank gained with an on-site VPSA oxygen concentrator:

  • The built-in safety interlock system in the concentrator frequently detects any problems and warns the user of any potential machine failures - this gives Frank time to maintain the machine without worrying about his fish's health.
  • If there is a mechanical problem, oxygen concentrators have a backup lock system to prevent damage to the oxygen output. Oxygen Solutions will troubleshoot and provide a solution to fish the problem remotely. Frank can rest easy knowing that Oxygen Solutions has his back and that his fish will not be affected by a system issue.
  • Oxygen Solutions' oxygen concentrators are built with the highest quality parts, care, and expertise, giving him comfort knowing that he is providing the best to his fish.
  • Oxygen concentrators provide uninterrupted 24/7 oxygen generation, providing Frank with peace of mind and the ability to focus on other jobs.

2. Custom Solutions

Marlene runs and operate a gold mine in a hot and humid tropical environment. She has a well full of freshwater nearby that she uses for her operation. While her operation runs smoothly, she was looking for the perfect oxygen concentrator to operate out of her remote location in extreme weather conditions to improve her output and quality.

Marlene looked to Oxygen Solutions for the perfect concentrator to fit her needsOxygen Solutions custom-made an oxygen concentrator that was perfectly adaptable to her surroundings and operation. Some of the benefits Marlene has with her new oxygen concentrator include:

  • Custom engineered solutions means that Marlene now has an oxygen concentrator designed for the extreme environment she works in.
  • Since the adsorption process is sensitive to moisture, Oxygen Solutions can accommodate requirements such as adding extra cooling or heating, running in hot or cold climates and adapting for dry or humid locations. Marlene's unit was designed with additional cooling and excess moisture in mind.
  • Oxygen Solutions offers air and water-cooled units at any voltage. Marlene's unit was designed with additional cooling and excess moisture in mind.
  • Custom solutions guarantee that all the mechanical equipment and process gas will stay at room temperature, optimizing the effectiveness.

3. Plug-and-Play Philosophy

Nader works at a hospital and had concerns with their current oxygen supply system. One of Nader's jobs was to switch out the LOX gas bottles. He was concerned with the price of LOX and had to change out the bottles frequently. After the pandemic, Nader realized there had to be an easier and more effective way to supply oxygen to the hospital.

He contacted Oxygen Solutions looking for a more permanent solution. Oxygen Solutions was able to help address Nader's concerns by:

  • Providing on-demand and instant supply concentrated oxygen.
  • Oxygen Solutions' concentrators can plug into any existing infrastructure with one connection, making it easier on Nader.
  • A VPSA oxygen concentrator can be its own source supply or supplement to other supplies. Even if Nader's hospital still wanted to have LOX on standby or build the amount of oxygen in the future, he can rest assured that Oxygen Solution's concentrator will handle whatever the needs are.
  • Oxygen Solutions' oxygen concentrators are mobile and portable. While they are great for established hospitals, they can easily be disconnected and used in a military or field hospital for emergency or mobile situations.

4. VPSA is a Cheaper Option

Walter runs a Wastewater Treatment Plant. After going over his financials, he realized his plant was spending a lot of money on LOX. While oxygen is a necessary part of the wastewater cleaning process, he looked for a more cost-effective resource.

After connecting with Oxygen Solutions and purchasing a new VPSA oxygen concentrator, he saw the following benefits:

  • He lowered his operating expenses (OPEX) and improved his ROI in less than two years of using his oxygen concentrator.
  • His oxygen concentrator was customized to his needs at the best price.
  • He realized that on-site VPSA oxygen concentrators are cheaper than using LOX or a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit.
  • Walter learned of the possibility of adding an ozone generator to his operation, which can help with removing bacteria and unwanted chemicals in the water.

5. Technical Support Post Purchase

Miaka is an agriculturalist and grows her own produce. She uses and aquaponics system to grow her crops as it is the most effective use of her space. Miaka is always concerned about the roots of her plants. She wanted a top-of-the-line oxygen concentrator and ended up purchasing through Oxygen Solutions. She was pleased with her purchase until she saw a problem. Her oxygen output was producing a higher quality than she needed, which was costing her slightly more than she would have liked.

She contacted Oxygen Solutions for help and learned:

  • Oxygen Solutions can make changes in the parameters and conditions of the oxygen machine.
  • After calling or emailing Oxygen Solutions, she can arrnage to make changes remotely or have a technician come on-site.
  • Oxygen Solutions will supply and ship out any additional parts in less than 24 hours.
  • Oxygen Solutions offers Joint Venture programs.

Oxygen Solutions' VPSA on-site oxygen concentrators are customizable, adaptable, easy to use, provide non-stop 24/7 oxygen, have security systems in place in the event of failure, and come with the guarantee that support is only a phone call or email away. Many industries and operations will realize the benefits of having a VPSA oxygen concentrator in less than two years.

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