Positively Impact the World’s Most Precious Resources

March 8, 2021 | By Chris Miller | In Insights

Our parent company, Benchmark International, exists for one reason: to positively impact the world’s most precious resources. This pursuit has two key priorities: 1) identify technical problems facing the world’s most precious resources; 2) develop creative and desirable technologies to address those needs.

The UN has identified a list of the top global priorities that need to be addressed. Water, Energy, and Food are among the top priorities. To achieve our mission, we have committed to focusing on developing innovative technologies in order to solve the problems that these precious resources face. 

In our pursuit of solutions, we are committed to partnering with other organizations that are solving similar problems. To that end, we are excited to announce our strategic alliance with Well Resources.

Through Oxygen Solutions’ strategic alliance with Well Resources, by-products of decarbonized oil are used to enhance and supplement the performance of processes that improve environmental and human health, as well as food production.

Together we envision a better way to use petroleum residue by-products. Redirecting these petroleum by-products can assist in lowering the lifecycle carbon intensity of oil, and supporting the petroleum industry’s net-zero emissions targets.

Granular asphaltenes can be used for industrial-scale water treatment and soil remediation. In aquaculture, these can be used to safely adsorb dissolved organic contaminants and remove fish-produced waste from tank water.

The improved water quality, along with the use of oxygen supplementation yields an increased growth rate for fish while combatting the negative environmental factors that inhibit the yields of traditional aquaculture farming. The asphaltenes that contain fish-produced waste can further be used as an effective agricultural fertilizer.

This is just one of many examples of how petroleum by-products can be used to positively impact the world’s most precious resources.

Have an idea to impact the water, energy, food nexus? Get in touch with us. We love to discuss the potential of new ideas.

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