Current Challenges and Trends in NetPen Systems

February 2, 2021 | By Caitlin Kamminga | In Insights

The second instalment in the series “Happy Fish – How Aquaculture Operators are Growing Better Fish." This section outlines some of the current challenges and trends in NetPen Systems, otherwise known as open ocean systems.

The global aquaculture industry is still young. It’s growing at nearly twice the rate of agriculture, and it supplies over 60 percent of the seafood we consume. NetPen systems are one of the popular methods to rear and develop fish for our food markets.

Chris Miller asked Net Pen Systems industry expert and co-founder of Poseidon Ocean Systems Matt Clarke, P. Eng, for his insight regarding the current issues and trends in the NetPen Industry. Together with Tim Sjostrom, who specializes in RAS systems and is the Project Manager for Kuterra, and Libardo Estupinan, P. Eng, a chemical engineer with a specialization in oxygen equipment at Oxygen Solutions Inc., they took a look at some of these trends and discuss their impact on the future of the aquaculture industry.

Clarke outlined that there has been a shift from using copper dip nets in many regions, which has lead to a different philosophy in how to keep nets clean. Normally, open ocean systems are difficult to maintain. Due to changes in water quality, you have to treat and control for algae blooms, plankton, low oxygen, sea lice, jellyfish blooms. It’s important to remember that NetPen Systems are open ocean systems, meaning that there will always be a certain level of variability in the water quality. Elements such as location and weather are two factors that can make affect the quality of the fish's environment. In response to some of these challenges, Poseidon Ocean Systems is researching and developing better steel cage farming platforms and floating-closed containment systems. These projects will ideally support more sustainable living environments for the fish.

Check out the video below to see the whole conversation!

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